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For operation with pneumatic and electronic Dart Drop Impact Testers, Oakland’s DX-8300 Dart Drop Software is the industry standard for data collection and reporting that meets ASTM D-1709 and ISO 7765-1 for dart drop impact testing of films.

Stand-alone or software-driven dart impact testing couldn’t be simpler.  The Model DX-8385-A Electronic Dart Drop Impact Tester. Oakland pioneered many of the advances in benchtop dart drop testing introduced since 1996, including Microsoft Windows TM operating system software operation, Staircase Plots for the blown film and flexible packaging industries, advanced statistical data computation and reporting, and data export capability to ExcelTM, AccessTM, Microsoft SQL, Hertzler Systems, and other popular third-party software packages.
Designed for dependability and ease-of-use, our DX-8300 Dart Drop Software can help solve the toughest impact resistance problems.  Oakland’s Model DX-8300 Software system comes complete with detailed statistics including information expressed in Percentage of Failures or Dart Impact Failure Weight, in grams, for extrusion line problem diagnosis and analysis.

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