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Environmental chambers for hot and cold performance testing of materials under tension, compression, peel, and seal test conditions. Films, flexible packaging, rigid plastics, and other materials.

Model TH-2700 designed for cold testing to - 80 C and hot testing to + 280 C.  Inside dimensions 8 in. W x 8 in. D x 20 in. H.  Outside dimensions 14.25 in. W x 20.00 in. D  (excluding door handle) x 28.50 in. H.  Other temperature ranges and sizes available.


Model TH-2700 shown above.  Model TH-2700 Chamber with door open, and standard hinge configuration, to show detail in photo group at right, above left photo.  Rack-mountable Control Console shown in photo group at right, lower photo.


Three slide-rail assemblies available for MT Series Universal Testers: 1) left-to-right on workbench (22 in. table area required to right of tester, 42 in. left-hand side of tester to right-hand side of slide assembly), 2) front-to-back, table-top, and, 3) front-to-back, with back support legs to floor.  Accommodates workbenches 24 in. - 30+ in. Depth, 30 in - 34 in. Height.

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 Environmental Chambers for Tensile & Universal Testers