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Finch Cup fixture for testing wet tensile strength of paper and paperboard.  Meets TAPPI T-456 and ASTM D-824.

Finch Cup Fixture shown mounted on MT-1540 Universal Tester with MT Series Pneumatic Grips.  Fixture assembly designed to insert into lower grip for ease-of-use.


Recommended Load Cell size is dependent upon force range of test under consideration.


Procedure illustrated in photos at right: 1) Insert sample into upper grip with loop of sample underneath Finch Cup fixture bar.  2) Raise Cup (containing water) by moving it up the fixture slide until sample is immersed in the water.  3)  After specified immersion time, start tensile or force test to pull loop sample until break occurs and record wet tensile strength.


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 Finch Cup Fixture: TAPPI T-456 for Paper & Paperboard