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Test fixtures for 90 degree score bend testing of cardboard, liner board, laminates, and plastic materials.  Two styles available, both with pneumatic clamping method for securing the test samples.

Recommended Load Cell size is dependent upon force range of test under consideration.


Style 1:  Force Gauge-based system mounted to our MT-500 Series Force Test Stand.  Test can be run in two modes: Run to 90 degrees and stop; Run to 90 degrees and then return to start position, 0 degrees (shown in photograph above).  RS-232 & Data Logger Software included.


Style 2:  Load Cell-based system mounted to our MT-1500 Series Universal Tester and operated with our MT-2500 Universal Tester Software (shown in photograph on right).  Software includes data plotting graphics, pre-programmed recipes to your specific requirements, data file storage and recall, statistical and graphical reporting, data exporting to 3rd party Statistics Software of your choice.

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 Score Bend Fixture: TAPPI T-577 for Paperboard Cartons