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Test fixtures for rotary peel testing of films, laminates, and packaging materials.  Two styles available, both with manual clamping method for securing the test samples.

Recommended Load Cell size is dependent upon force range of test under consideration.


Style 1:  Rotary Peel Fixture with Single Manual Clamp.  6 inch wheel diameter, 1.75 inch wheel width.  Clamp integrated into wheel.


Style 2:  Rotary Peel Fixture with Dual Manual Clamps.  6 inch wheel diameter, 1.50 inch

wheel width.  First Clamp integrated into wheel, second Clamp external to wheel, clamps material or substrate to outside surface of wheel at 6 selectable locations, allowing securing sample to 270 degrees of wheel perimeter.  (Shown in photograph above)


Contact Oakland factory for additional specifications and information.

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 Rotary Peel Test Fixture