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Offering a complete line of single-column universal testers and ASTM fixtures for film, paper, and sheet materials.  Meets ASTM D-882 and D-638; the model MT-1516 has 16 inch of test travel.

Ideally suited for testing low-elongation materials such as paper, and for performing peel, secant modulus and seal tests on plastic film and other materials, the MT-1516 has 16 inches of usable test travel.  Application-oriented, and capable of both tensile and compressive testing, the MT-1500 Series includes a unique, oversized work-surface for attachment of fixtures, grips, and accessories...


Computer controlled, driven by our Model MT-2500 Quality Control Software, meeting ASTM testing requirements for laboratory or plant floor environments.


Wide variety of interchangeable fixtures allows unlimited flexibility of testing including peel, seal, COF, puncture, cling, block/reblock, bending/flexural, compression, and many more...

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 Model MT-1516 Universal Tester

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